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New Product
Industrial machinery and process control automation design services
Customized Machinery and Automation integration services for Pharmaceutical and food production process applications: We are capable of integrating peristaltic pumps / pressure valves / alerts / pressure sensors / high precision Mass Flow Meter and Controller / size measuring gauges or load cells / pH meters /conductivity meters /UV spectral absorption detectors/ CO2 and O2 analyzers/ tanks for mixing air or liquid/ and other production machineries or devices for production and quality control monitor with well-designed optimized Human-Machine Interface (HMI) as well as Programmable Logic Control (PLC) Systems....
70% (v / v) USP grade completely sterile isopropanol (IPA) and sterile denatured ethyl alcohol
Widely used in disinfection of food, pharmaceutical processes, clinical diagnostic medical equipment to peracetic acid / hydrogen peroxide-based sterilizing and disinfecting solution ......
Hot News
2021.9.4 Decon Labs--ready-to-use spray or concentrated, sterile USP grade alcohol/IPA or sterile disinfectants and Cleaners
2021.7.22 ebro Technical Note 技術說明書:Use Of Correct Data Loggers for Vaccines and other Sensitive Pharmaceutical Products 對疫苗和其他敏感藥品使用正確的數據記錄器
2021.7.22 Technical Note 技術說明書: Why you should be using a Refrigerator Thermometer為什麼你應該使用冰箱溫度計_ebro TMX Series系列-Digital Refrigerator Thermometer-數位冰箱溫度計
2021.7.8 Join our webinar! Title: Pharma Validation and Monitoring Solutions. Date: July 14th (Wednesday), 2021 Time: 2:00pm. Presenter: Dr. Allan Javier, Milliya Tsai, Sebastian Schwartz, Sebastian Schwartz.
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