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INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY AND PROCESS CONTROL AUTOMATION DESIGN SERVICES The INVERTER integrated Energy & Power Saving/Environmental Protection and Carbon Reduction Engineering Planning Services
We provide customers with all aspects of automation integration and overall planning, such as machine development and production, circuit and automatic control switchboard design and production, HMI/PLC programming, system planning, SCADA graphic control and monitoring software planning integration design, power circuit planning and other services. Integrated peristaltic pump / pressure valve / alarm box / pressure, pH value, flow sensor / high precision thermal mass gas flow meter and controller / temperature, humidity, conductivity, tension, edge corrector and other sensors / Gas analyzers/and other equipment used for production or quality control....
70% (v / v) USP grade completely sterile isopropanol (IPA) and sterile denatured ethyl alcohol
Widely used in disinfection of food, pharmaceutical processes, clinical diagnostic medical equipment to peracetic acid / hydrogen peroxide-based sterilizing and disinfecting solution ......
Hot News
2022.5.27 Decon Labs--ready-to-use spray or concentrated, sterile USP grade alcohol/IPA or sterile disinfectants and Cleaners
2022.5.18 Stability of SARS-CoV-2 and other enveloped viruses on surfaces. aseptica Volume 27, 2021 | Issue 1 | Validation and routine control of processes in the H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) steriliser, Pages 39
2022.5.16 網絡研討會邀請Ebro 2022年6月22日(星期三)下午2:00 主題: 食品工業中的 ebro 測量儀器 - 從選擇合適的測量設備到正確的測量 Title:ebro measuring instruments in the food industry-From the selection of the right measuring device to correct measurement. 演講者: Mr. Udo Brocks 由衷歡迎客戶們的共襄盛舉和蒞臨指導
2022.5.13 網絡研討會邀請Ebro 2022年6月3日(星期五)下午2:30 主題: 符合 GMP 的儲藏室測繪 - 8 個步驟 Title: GMP compliant mapping of storage rooms-8 steps to a GMP compliant mapping of storage rooms. 演講者: Mr.Sebastian Schwarz 由衷歡迎客戶們的共襄盛舉和蒞臨指導
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